About Us

FCF Poker is committed to bringing the best of poker to everyone and the fun part is that it is all powered with crypto. We genuinely love this game and we believe everyone should be able to play wherever they are in the world.

Every game should be enjoyable, filled with thrilling highs and lows. Every hand will bring with it the chance of something unpredictable, exciting and super fun.

Get ready to experience a roller coaster of emotions, as you play the game and enjoy the thrills.

This is FCF Poker!


French Connection Finance (FCF)

French Connection Finance (FCF) is all about “Empowering Crypto.” We are the first crypto payment gateway for e-commerces, building an ecosystem aimed at bringing crypto to the forefront of the world economy and, more importantly, everyday life. We empower cryptocurrency holders by allowing them to purchase goods and services through the world’s first fully-encrypted cryptocurrency payment gateway. Merchants can accept payment in cryptocurrencies, simply and easily via our payment gateway and our investors get rewarded with fully automated dividends, paid in BNB every 24 hours. These dividends come from a share of the FCF token transaction tax, as well as a share of every transaction fee from FCFPAY. French Connection Finance was recently recognized as the most innovative project in 2022 at the Crypto Expo Dubai.

Wager with Crypto

Bet Big! Win Big! All with Crypto!

Enjoy all the thrills of poker with cryptocurrency. Deposit/Withdraw via your favorite cryptocurrency. Place bets and win big using your favorite cryptocurrencies.